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Just switched to Ubuntu

I decided to replace the Arch Linux installation on my desktop (my main computer) with Ubuntu. Too bad I don't get to feel 1337 for using Arch anymore.

So far, so good, except I had a few issues when setting up Eclipse, but I always seem to get issues when installing Eclipse, no matter what platform...

One of the main reasons why I decided to do this is because whenever I updated Arch, something would break. I really like the bleeding edge idea behind Arch, but I'd prefer to have some stability in the operating system I need to use every day. I also don't have as much time as I had before to get everything working after an update. This is the same reason why I started using Ubuntu instead on Arch on new installations.

Not to say Ubuntu is perfect, either. I spent some time tweaking it so I could have the same setup I had in Arch. I don't hate Unity, but I don't really enjoy using it either, so the first thing I did was install XFCE. Afterwards, I installed all the development stuff I need for work. It's really easy to get a LAMP server ready in Ubuntu by using tasksel.

One thing I love about Linux is how you can just copy your whole /home/user directory and dump it on another installation, and most programs will pick up the correct settings. This made it really quick to get all my stuff up and running exactly how I had it set up before. Actually, I have a git repo just for that.

Now... back to programming.